Preschool Curriculum - Little Worship Company Season 1: Praise Party - 8 Lesson Series

Preschool Curriculum - Little Worship Company Season 1: Praise Party - 8 Lesson Series

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 Little Worship Company Preschool Curriculum
Season 1: Journey 3 - Praise Party (8 Lessons)

  1. Praise God with your heart, mind and soul
  2. Praise God with happy songs 
  3. Praise God with loud instruments
  4. Praise the God that made the Universe
  5. Praise God with following footsteps
  6. Praise God with helpful hands
  7. Praise God, he made me
  8. Praise God for a Beautiful World

Scope and Sequence length: There are currently four 8-Lesson Series for a total of 32 lessons. A second set of 32 lessons are in production. 

Target Age: Preschool & Kindergarten up to age 6

Media Included: Sing-Along Video, Worship Song video, Bible Verse Video, Prayer Video, Craft instructional video

Lesson Format: The Little Worship Company Curriculum can be delivered instantly via a digital download or a USB drive will be mailing out to you.

Little Worship Company Preschool Curriculum is specifically designed to help young disciples explore God and His wonderful promises to them. Our goal is to inspire and awaken wonder with faith-inspired storytelling that creates biblically-based inspirational experiences. 

Built from the ground up for preschoolers, each lesson allows adequate space and opportunity to explore and then reflect on key biblical teachings in an age-appropriate way. Lessons are designed in 8 lesson series, each with a journey that allows discovery through a series theme. Current series themes are Praise Party, Beautiful World, Amazing Me, and Wonderful Day. Four additional series themes are in production.

Lessons are broken down into seven sections with each section lasting 2-10 minutes. Used in churches for weekend and mid-week times, this flow allows for frequently changing of learning opportunities to match the attention span of preschoolers. The combined lesson segment times should cover approximately 45-60 minutes. Extended relational ministry can be added at drop off and pick up utilizing the included coloring sheets and playtime. 

• Opening Game: Get Started
• Little Big Question: Relational Time
• Little Big Idea: Illustration, Scripture Video Clip & Teaching
• Let’s Worship: Video Clips for 2 Songs & Prayer
• Little Groups: Activity
• Prayer: Closing
• Get Crafty: 3 Craft Stations
• Continue at Home: Family App

At the end of each 8-lesson series, there is a Family Worship lesson that may be used for all the families or the entire congregation. This is a great experience allowing the children to participate and lead while sharing all they have learned with their families. Family worship provides a fantastic opportunity for all God’s children, young and old, to praise and worship God together – whether that’s in the context of a regular weekend service, a midweek evening or any other times designed to bring families and the entire church congregation together.

Lesson content is also included in the award-winning Little Worship Company Home App, designed for families. With more than 100 videos clips already on the app and new updates added each month, this will be a valuable resource for families to discuss and engage what is being taught at church or catch up on missed lessons. The app can be found with a free 7-day trial at the Apple App Store, Amazon App store & Google Play. 

Little Worship Company music is available for families on Spotify. A family devotional book, (available later in 2020) will empower parents to share the same faith journeys concepts at home in a family-friendly format.

'We are thrilled that more children and families will come to learn about Jesus through these exciting Biblical resources" - Emma Aylett - Wycliffe Bible Translators

 'The Little Worship Company resources are delightful for young families to enjoy as they explore God’s love together. I wish they’d been around when my children were small' - Lucy Moore - Messy Church founder